The Gift of Planning Ahead

Gift box - Give the gift of planning ahead

As a family-run funeral home that has served the communities of Rochester for over 65 years, we are proud to help families in their times of need begin healing from loss. We’re also here to help before your time of need through preplanning services. Planning and paying for your own funeral services and cremation services can be a tremendous act of kindness for your family. Most people who plan ahead do so in order to save their loved ones the stress of having to make funeral arrangements during what can be a profoundly difficult time, and to ease the financial impact on their family.

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about whether preplanning is right for you and your family.

The Gift of Time

If you’ve ever had to make funeral arrangements after a loved one passed, you know that it can be difficult to make time-sensitive decisions when the shock and emotions from just losing someone are fresh. There are many details and decisions to be made, which can be extremely overwhelming to a grieving individual.

Preplanning a funeral or cremation can give your family a very different experience. Since you do the planning, you’re free to make decisions with a clear mind and you have the time to explore more options and do as much research as you’d like, so you can be confident that you’ve made the right decisions for yourself, your family and your budget. When the day comes, your family can spend their time being with the people who need them most.

Relief from Financial Burdens

Funerals, memorial services, cremation, burials and the services of a funeral home cost money. A common reason people choose funeral preplanning is to ensure the financial responsibility won’t fall on their family, making an already difficult experience even more so. By prepaying for your funeral or memorial service, you not only save your family from having to pay for your funeral, but you may also qualify for Medicaid benefits sooner than anticipated.

Remove Doubt

When the responsibility of funeral planning falls on surviving relatives, one of the concerns we often hear is, “Is this what they would have wanted?” When different family members have different opinions on what the deceased would have preferred, family arguments can put a painful rift in what should be a time to come together. It can be difficult to talk with your children or your spouse about where you want to be buried or what you want in your obituary, and those conversations can’t guarantee your wishes will be carried out. At Anthony, we provide a space where you can talk about your hopes and your worries, and ultimately, make a funeral plan that’s right for you and your family.

We have frequently been approached by family members whose loved one planned their funeral in advance, and told us what a relief it was to be able to focus on taking care of their family and themselves in grief, rather than being pulled away to make arrangements. When the time comes to hold a funeral that was preplanned, all the decisions have already been made. Families are able to focus more on healing and they take comfort in the fact that they are honoring their loved one’s wishes.

Let them be a part of the process.

“Make your wishes known” doesn’t mean that you need to have a perfectly thought-out idea or vision for your final arrangements before you call us. Do you have a long-standing family tradition that you want to follow? Do you have a definite opinion about some things, but prefer to leave the rest of the details up to your family? Do you have a firm budget that you expect will be the main factor in your choices? Wherever you are in your thought process, that’s a perfectly fine place to start. We are here to walk you through the entire preplanning checklist, show you your options and make recommendations based on what’s most important to you, while working within your budget. We encourage couples and their adult children to come in together to discuss final wishes. Including family members can help you make the right decisions for you and them, and include them in a very monumental part of their lives.

Gift Your Preplan Any Time of Year

Preplanning your own funeral isn’t exactly what people think of when they imagine Christmas gifts. Making arrangements in advance is definitely a gift, but there doesn’t have to be an occasion in order to do it. The right time to make them is whenever you’re ready to. We believe that planning shouldn’t be a burden for you, either. We welcome you to call and make an appointment to come in. During times like these, it’s not always possible to come to our office in person, so we offer phone or virtual meetings for your convenience and safety. If you’ve moved away from Rochester or Webster, New York but still wish to make one of them your final resting place, we can help you with your pre-arrangements by phone or virtually as well.

And remember:

It’s okay to be nervous.

Discussing our own eventual death isn’t something most people are completely comfortable doing. Making a funeral plan can be an emotional experience. It is completely normal to be a little nervous or uncomfortable at first. After many decades of guiding individuals and families through this process, we hear time and time again from our clients that they feel peace of mind after their plans are completed and paid for, knowing they’re leaving their spouses and children with a priceless care package when the day comes they’ll have to say goodbye.

Call us at (585) 244-0770 in Rochester or (585) 872-6380 in Webster to learn more about preplanning and how we can help walk you through your preplanning options.