Service & Performance Guarantees

For over 60 years the Anthony family has been offering funeral and cremation services in and around the Rochester area.   Our dedication to service is what sets us apart.   In a competitive and changing time our firm has become the top service provider in Rochester.  That does not happen by accident, any firm can offer products and promises and any firm can transfer decedants to and from institutions.  We have taken the position that families in their time of loss require a level of caring, skill and training unequaled in the area.  Below are some of our service and performance guarantees.

Service Fee Guarantees 

Our standards may result in a fee for services greater than those charged by our colleagues. While we cannot speak to the standards and procedures of other firms, we can speak with confidence about the care, respect, and dignity provided to all families we are privileged to serve.

There are many factors that influence the choice of a funeral home, such as reputation, integrity, service, price and standards of care. If price is your only consideration, we may not be your best choice. If you take everything into consideration, you will find us to be an excellent selection and an excellent value. Our services, standards, and ceremonies are truly exceptional. If you are not completly satisfied with a specific service you will not be charged. 

Dedication to Service Guarantee 

 Our firm's reputation has in large part been created by the staff services provided at public events both at the funeral home and in the community.  In the event of a public service, it is our firm's policy to have our professional staff in attendance.  If for any reason families do not value that service that specific charge may be deleted from the final statement.

Cremation Standards of Care 

The basic needs of families and the basic services provided by our funeral home are the same whether a family chooses burial or cremation.  A Private Time To Say Good-bye should be the same for families choosing cremation as it is for those families who choose burial or entombment.  Our standards of care include that. 

The basic services of the funeral director and staff are extended to all families we are privileged to serve.  We take all possible steps to assure the proper identification of the individual being cremated-either an immediate or extended family member or friend can insure proper identification.  Stringent identification procedures and establishing a chain of custody follows the individual being cremated through basic care and cremation services.  The integrity and respect of human dignity for both the decedent and the person making the identification is a vital part of our service.

 That the identification take place.
**After the person to cremated is bathed, hair washed and combed, clothed and made presentable, and
**With the person to be cremated placed in the cremation container chosen by the family, maintaining the respect and dignity of the deceased, the safe handling by our staff, and to aid in the transportation to and placement in the cremation chamber.
That identification and a private time to say good-bye in the same setting used for families choosing burial or entombment.  We allow one hour for private time.

Our Code of Good Practice

Setting a Higher Standard

As funeral directors, our calling imposes upon us special responsibilities to those we serve and to the public at large. An important obligation is to provide information so that everyone can make knowledgeable decisions about funeral and cremation services.

In acceptance of our responsibilities, and as a condition of our affiliation with Selected Independent Funeral Homes, we affirm the following standards of Good Funeral Practice and hereby pledge to:

· Provide the public with information about funeral and cremation services, including prices, functions and the responsibilities of funeral directors

· Make services available in as wide a range of price categories as necessary to meet the needs of all segments of our community, and to affirmatively extend to everyone the right to inspect and freely consider them all

· Quote conspicuously in writing the charge for every arrangement offered, and to clearly identify the services, facilities, equipment and merchandise included in such quotations

· Adhere to the highest standard of conduct in all aspects of business

· Afford an ongoing opportunity to all persons to discuss or arrange funerals in advance

· Ensure that pre-need contracts fully disclose those items which are guaranteed and those which are non-guaranteed, in terms that are clear and easy to understand

· Manage prepaid funds responsibly, ensuring that promises are honored and expectations are met, within the letter and spirit of the law

· Make no representation, written or oral, which may be false or misleading and to apply a standard of honesty in all dealings

· Furnish each family, at the time arrangements are made, with a written memorandum of charges and to make no additional charge without their approval

· Respect all faiths, creeds and customs, and to give full effect to the role of the clergy/celebrant

· Maintain qualified and competent staff, appropriate facilities and suitable equipment required for comprehensive funeral and cremation services

· Assure those we serve the right of personal choice in making service arrangements

We pledge to conduct ourselves at all times in a manner deserving of the public trust, and to provide a copy of this Code of Good Practice to the families we serve.